Hey, I'm a li'l newbie here. (Adopt me! Everyone wants to adopt a newb!)

Could someone please make a poor girl with nothing but the standard MSPaint a Jin, Suzuki or Shishiwakamaru colourbar? You know, like, "Jin/Suzuki/Shishi is [blank] Love?" Please? I would love you forever!

Thanks a bunch! It would be greatly appreciated! ♥
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Huzzah and hullo! New member, very thankful to have found this place! [It's a very, very sad thing to be a banner-inclined fellow with no where to put one's work without pestering the flist immensely.]

I've only one tribute to the pixel gods for the day -- only the picture base is done and settled for, you can add your own text, or I can do it for you upon request.

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Again, hi and bye and thanks for the attention!
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May I make a request? I'd like an header (a pairing please) that has to do with snow. And Christmas. And all those other nice, frozen water things.

As for the pairing... I'll take anything yaoi. Kurama/Hiei (or vice versa) is my favourite.

(This does not make sense because I was taking a Bakura (from YGO) theme for my LJ this Christmas... Oh well.)

Thank-you! Oh, and if you happen to come by any Bakura/Ryou YGO doujinshi wallpapers that's all white and snowy, please tell me. I've been searching for one of those for at least a week now.

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Three banners

I did these at school, because school is really boring. I wish they had come out better though, the second two I wanted a border for, and didn't get the chance to do it. I also have another one, but I wasn't able to upload it =/
So this is all I have for now, hopefully their alright...

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